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couple-heartWill you marry me? These four words form what is perhaps the most important question a couple will ever share. These words shape changes in not only the lives of the couple, but also their families and there future family members. You will celebrate this moment for years to come.

The proposal is a BIG DEAL! You want to be sure you do everything in your power to make this event all it could and should be. You don’t want to just throw the ring box to your special person during a TV commercial break in the Saturday afternoon football game.

romance-flowerOne thing is for sure. She will remember everything about the moment including the smallest details. For the rest of your lives she will remember and remind you of what you were wearing, what day of the week it was, what words you said, what her parents said and what you did the rest of the day. The bottom line is to make it a special moment you both will remember forever.

In addition to the time you have spent working for the money to buy the diamond, you have also made the effort to select the best diamond engagement ring from Diamond Source of Virginia. Now you need to spend just a little time and effort planning the details of how you are going to present the token of your affection.

Here are some suggestions to make this occasion a happy memory that will last a lifetime. It takes careful thought, planning, attention to detail, and sometimes even help from good friends to create the magic moment. By the way, these suggestions also apply to anniversaries and other special gift giving occasions.


love-seatThis will be a day you’ll mark on your calendars for years to come so choose wisely. Pick a day that’s special to you, such as the anniversary of your first date or some other significant event.


couple-beachPerhaps no other element is more important than the location of this special event. Remember the sights, sounds, and even the smells of the location will be etched in her mind forever. Don’t pick a “regular” spot like the front seat of your car, the den with the TV on, or the local fast food hangout. Instead, try something a little more romantic like a moonlit beach, sunset on a mountain top, a special table at a great restaurant, or in the back seat of a stretch limousine. You get the idea, now use your imagination.


couple-ringShe is going to remember every detail of what she and you are wearing that moment so make sure it’s not your old sweatshirt and jeans. Make your wardrobe special and your memories will reflect it.


flower-bouquetWhy not cover all your bases. Add flowers to this event and it will anchor romantic thoughts of this event every time she sees or smell those flowers.

Share the Moment

Part of her fun and excitement will come from telling her best friends about this special event. She’s got this big beautiful ring on her finger and she wants to show somebody right away. Plan your event location and timing so that you will have easy access via phone or in person to her mother, sister, or girl friends.


romance-sunsetWith a little planning you can arrange to capture the image of that moment for you, your friends and even your children. Perhaps you can arrange to have a friend stop by to take a picture or, if you have access to a tripod, you can mount your camera to take your own pictures or video. You should be careful not to spoil the surprise, but capturing an image of this moment could be one of your most cherished possessions.

The Ring

Do you have to have the ring when you propose? Not necessarily. Sometimes shopping for diamond engagement rings just can’t be done before your proposal. Since you want her to be thrilled with the diamond ring, it sometimes works out best if you can shop together and be sure you get what will thrill her. Whether you have an engagement ring or not, remember to plan and put every ounce of romance you can in this special moment.

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