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The Original Radiant Cut Diamond combines the classic elegance of the traditional emerald cut shape with the sparkle of a “brilliant” cut. Until the Radiant Cut was developed and patented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, Radiant Cut Diamond Corporation’s (RCDC) founder, people attracted to the elegance of the emerald cut shape had to compromise on brilliance. The Radiant Cut allows people to choose an exquisitely shaped rectangular diamond without any compromise. The Radiant Cut patent was among the first ever granted for a diamond cut.

radiant-henry-grossbardPrior to the development of the Original Radiant Cut, all diamonds with straight edges, like the emerald cut, were faceted with long rectangular facets. This cutting style, called the “step cut,” results in a stone with a glassy appearance. Diamonds with rounded edges, like round stones, pear shapes, ovals and marquises, are faceted with triangular facets. This cutting style is known as the “brilliant cut.”

radiant-cut1By combining the two cutting styles into a hybrid “brilliantized step cut,” Mr. Grossbard was able to release the natural brilliance of a straight edged diamond. His ingenuity resulted in a stone with the emerald cut shape and sparkle second to none. The Radiant Cut is produced in square shapes (length to width ratio 1.05 or less) and rectangular shapes (ratio 1.4 or greater) and everything in between.

How Does an Original Radiant Cut Differ From A Princess Cut?

radiant-vs-princessUnlike the Radiant Cut and the traditional emerald cut, the princess cut (sometimes called a “quadrillion”) has sharp rather than cut corners. This cut is usually square rather than rectangular. In addition, princess cuts are proportioned very differently than the Original Radiant Cut. The princess typically has an extremely flat top (or “crown”), and deep bottom (or “pavilion”). This conforms to the shape of the rough diamond and allows the cutter to retain more of the original weight of the rough stone. The appearance can be quite pleasing – though very different than an Original Radiant Cut.

radiant-cut-loose2radiant-ring-trillionsThe pointed corners allow princess cuts to be set side by side making them uniquely suitable for use in channel set jewelry. A princess cut must be mounted very carefully since the sharp corners can easily chip.

Optimal Measurements

Due to improper proportioning, many diamonds appear smaller than more finely cut stones of the same carat weight. Uneducated customers often pay more for poorly cut stones which weigh more, when a lighter well cut stone will actually create a larger more beautiful piece of jewelry. Because this issue is so important, RCDC scientifically measures the actual “spread” of each of their Original Radiant Cut Diamonds, even taking into account the area lost as a result of the cut corners. This measurement (geometrically the area of the girdle plane in square millimeters) allows them to ensure that their customers never pay for unnecessary carat weight that cannot be seen.

All RCDC Original Radiant Cut Diamonds weighing in excess of 0.70 carats meet the strict tolerances which were determined by Henry Grossbard, inventor of the Radiant Cut Diamond, to be essential to a well-made Radiant Cut of that size.

Since there is only one cutting company producing the Original Radiant Cut Diamond, there are relatively few available at any time. Thus, it is sometimes difficult for shoppers to find the exact carat weight, color, clarity and length-to-width ratio they are seeking. The Original Radiant Cut Diamond is now a branded diamond with an exclusive distribution system that allows select jewelry stores to mark prices high, the basic strategy of branded diamonds.

Classic Radiant Cut

radiant-classicToday many diamond cutters worldwide produce the classic radiant cut diamond that has the same number of facets as the Original Radiant Cut Diamond. Because there are so many more classic radiant cut diamonds cut compared to Original Radiant Cut Diamonds, there is a bigger selection of sizes and quality. The classic radiant also has the benefit of being available to a wide range of retailers, including us with our low overhead and low prices.

radiant-classic-squareDiamond Source of Virginia is no longer able to sell the Original Radiant Cut Diamond. However, we work with some of the best radiant diamond cutters in the world to provide breathtaking classic radiant cut diamonds for our clients at very low prices. If you are shopping for a beautiful radiant cut diamond that meets your specific requirements, give us a call today and we will find the best radiant cut diamonds available for you today.