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Once we know your diamond shopping requirements, we begin our job of finding the best diamond for you on the wholesale diamond market.

We Search Suppliers Worldwide

First we search numerous databases and inventory listings with hundreds of thousands of diamonds that are posted by hundreds of suppliers worldwide. We are not just checking the inventory of one company or even two or three, we have access to almost every diamond wholesaler and cutter in the country. We want to find the best diamonds for you regardless of who owns them.

We are seeking the best diamond for you in terms of:

One key to our success is that we often review the information for hundreds of diamonds before we determine the 8 to 10 with the best value for your specific needs. We look for the biggest and best cut diamonds that fit your requirements.

We Email You Specifications and Prices

As soon as we have found the diamonds that are the best value for your specific needs, we email you the specifications and current price information.

You then tell us which of the recommendations you are most interested in. We check on the availability of the diamond (some could have been sold in the last day or two) and get copies of certifications for those that are available. Diamond suppliers generally only provide a copy of the certification prior to a sale. We email you these certifications so you can review this important information.

phone-headset-manAt every step of the process we encourage you to call us and take advantage of our diamond expertise. Ask your questions and ask us for our opinion. Our goal is to determine which one of these diamonds is the best for you based on your shopping requirements.

For fancy shaped diamonds, we ask the wholesalers or cutters to give us an assessment of the bow tie shadow so that we can screen out any with a noticeable bow tie. We also ask for opinions and observations on shape and cut so that we can provide you the best advice possible in selecting the right diamond for you.

We Inspect Your Diamond

Once you decide which diamond is best for you, we order the diamond in for our personal inspection. Diamonds are usually delivered to us the next business day after we order them. While we do most of our search based on data provided by the supplier, the final step of our search is our physical inspection of the diamond itself. To ensure the diamond is, in fact, the diamond that goes with the certificate and that it is at least the quality and beauty that we expected, our GIA Graduate Gemologist performs the following inspections.

Test the stone with an electronic diamond tester to ensure it is a real diamond



Take measurements with digital millimeter gauge to verify the dimensions on the certification


Weigh the diamond on an electronic scale to verify its carat weight


Carefully inspect and plot the characteristics of the diamond to ensure the inclusions match with the certificate’s plot map


Test for fluorescence


Note any other visual characteristics so that we can give you our opinion on the appearance (i.e., cut, brilliance, sparkle, Hearts & Arrows)


Determine if diamond is clean to the unaided eye (clarity is graded from the top down but we make sure the diamond is also clean to the eye when viewed from the side)


Since we work for you and don’t own the diamond, we can be brutally honest about the stones we examine. We will explain and describe every aspect of the diamond, good and bad.

As soon as we have inspected the diamond, we contact you and discuss the diamond with you. If we are not happy with the diamond and do not believe you will be thrilled with it, we ship it back to the wholesaler and find a better diamond for you.

If the diamond looks great, we discuss when and where you would like the diamond shipped or when you can come to our offices to examine the diamond in one of our diamond viewing rooms. Either way, you get to see and examine the diamond before you purchase.