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loose-diamondsAre you looking for discount diamonds? Then you have come to the right place. With very low overhead and access to hundreds of wholesalers and cutters nationwide, we are able to find the best discount diamonds meeting your requirements.

diamond-groupDo not confuse discount diamonds with cheap diamonds. A cheap diamond is one that has one or more characteristics that are not desirable. Usually it is poorly cut or has strong fluorescence since those are problems that many shoppers will not readily recognize. Discount diamonds are diamonds that have low prices relative to similar diamonds on the market.

diamonds-loose-trayThe best way to find discount diamonds is to search the inventories of hundreds of diamond wholesalers. Since some wholesalers are more aggressive in their pricing, it is possible to find discount diamonds that are great values. The other way to find discount diamonds is to recognize what characteristics impact beauty and appearance. By not paying for quality that does not impact size or beauty, you get a diamond that a great value.

Another key factor for finding a discount diamond is to find a retailer like Diamond Source of Virginia with very low overhead and very low operating margin. By buying the right diamond at the right price, you truly get a discount diamond.

cushion-shapeNo diamond is a discount diamond if you buy it in a jewelry store with a 30%, 100% or even 200% markup. If you are paying for those polished marble floors, fancy display cabinets and high costs of inventory, you are paying too much. Do not be fooled by those 25% or 50% off sales. You can be sure they’ve inflated the “list” price enough to still make a big profit even with their “discount.” What matters is the size and quality of the diamond you get for the final price, not how high they marked the diamond in the first place or what kind of markdown they are giving you out of the goodness of their heart.

princess-looseSome shoppers also fall for the sales pitch that implies they are getting “wholesale” prices or are buying from a wholesaler. If you are a consumer, you are buying from a retailer no matter what they claim. In fact it is illegal for a merchant to claim they are a wholesaler or are selling at wholesale prices if they are selling to the consumer.

radiant-yellow-vividSometimes wholesalers have affiliations with retailers or even open up a store themselves. However, that does not mean that the prices for their discount diamonds are lower than our prices. If they have the overhead of selling retail and markup the diamonds to make a profit, they are simply a retailer. Once again, it is the size and quality of the diamond that you get that determines if you are really getting a discount diamond.

The easiest way to find the best discount diamonds in the country is to simply tell us what type of diamond you are looking for and we will find the best discount diamond for you.

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