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ring-round-solitaire-6prongThe most popular engagement rings are the diamond solitaire rings. The term solitaire indicates the ring has a single diamond rather than a cluster of diamonds or side stones. The attraction of diamond solitaire rings is that they display the diamond to its fullest and draw all attention to the beauty of the stone.

diamond-shapes-variousIt is generally better to purchase the diamond separately from the solitaire ring setting in order to ensure getting the highest quality diamond solitaire rings for the best price and the right size and quality that will make you a hero.

The first step in shopping for the right diamond solitaire ring is to determine what shape of diamond the girlfriend really wants. This can be a sizable challenge if the plan is to keep the ring a total surprise. It is important to keep in mind that even if you want to surprise your girlfriend, you don’t want to make the expensive mistake of buying the one diamond shape she really does not like. It pays to ask some probing questions, do a little shopping together in jewelry stores or talk to her friends; anything you can to get some sense of what she really likes or at least what she really hates. Just because you like a certain diamond shape for diamond solitaire rings, does not mean she shares your views. Chances are she would not pick the same TV, stereo, golf clubs or fishing gear you would so why do you think you would pick the same diamond solitaire rings she would?

The term solitaire ring, does not only apply to round diamonds. Every diamond shape can be used for a diamond solitaire ring but here is a list of the most popular solitaire diamond shapes

Asscher Solitaire Diamond Rings


Cushion Solitaire Diamond Rings


Emerald Solitaire Diamond Rings


Heart Solitaire Diamond Rings


Marquise Solitaire Diamond Rings


Oval Solitaire Diamond Rings


Pear Solitaire Diamond Rings


Princess Solitaire Diamond Rings


Radiant Solitaire Diamond Rings


Round Solitaire Diamond Rings


Branded Shape Solitaire Diamond Rings


Diamond Shopping Advice
jewelry-store-coupleThe growing trend is for a couple to do some diamond shopping together so the guy knows what the gal likes, especially concerning diamond shape and setting styles. There is always the surprise of what diamond is purchased and when the diamond solitaire ring is presented, but this eliminates the expensive mistake of picking the wrong diamond shape or setting style.

The next step is to begin your education concerning diamonds and the tradeoffs between appearance, quality and price for diamond solitaire rings. Since you are reading this page, you have already found one of the best sources of diamond education available to diamond shoppers. Just check out our education section for detailed information about diamonds including shapes, color, clarity, prices, cut (extremely important) and a multitude of other diamond facts and history. With this information, you are now ready to find the best place to purchase your diamond.

Once again, the fact that you are reading this page means you have already found the premier source of loose diamonds and diamond solitaire rings in the country. Check out our About Us section for insight into our company, our people and our values. No one works harder than us to find you the best diamond solitaire rings at the best price. Learn what thousands of diamond shoppers find every year; that we are the company that cares about our clients and treats them with the friendship they deserve.

customer-service4Diamond Source of Virginia can provide expert assistance in helping you select the best diamond on the wholesale market meeting your shopping requirements, especially your budget. Give us a call today and we can get started.

Once you have selected the right diamond, you need to decide what setting you want to put the diamond in so you can present it to your girlfriend. Our number one advice in this area is simple. If you don’t have detailed directives from your girlfriend on what setting she has tried on your finger and loves, don’t try to guess. Get a simple solitaire style setting that shows off your wonderful diamond and present it to her. She will appreciate your consideration in letting her be a part of picking the ring she will wear for many years. It also takes the pressure off the setting decision while still letting her show all her friends and relatives the wonderful diamond solitaire ring you have given as a sign of your love. If she wants something different, she has months or even years to shop and be sure that if she does make a setting change, it is the one she really loves.

Although prongs are the easiest and most common way to set diamonds, there are several other ways to set a diamond in a solitaire ring.


Prong Set Diamond Ring



Bezel Set Diamond Ring


Channel Set Diamond Ring


Tension Set Diamond Ring

engagement-ring-handsThe final step is very important. Once you have the diamond solitaire ring in hand, be sure to make the proposal as romantic and memorable as you can. Check out our Remember the Romance section for more suggestions.

If you have any questions about diamond solitaire rings or the diamond shopping in general, give us a call or email us today. Take advantage of our years of diamond expertise and lessons we have learned in working with thousands of guys buying diamond solitaire rings.