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The Spring Cut is comprised of elements from both the emerald and radiant cuts. M&M Diamond Imports wanted to create a cut that combined the fire and scintillation of the radiant cut and the elegance of the emerald cut.
Spring Cut Diamond Rings
Spring Cut Diamonds
Emerald cuts are distinctive and beautiful, though understated, because the cut lacks fire. Radiant cuts were developed to remedy the lack of fire in square cuts, but have always been difficult to match, because slight differences in the depth percentage of the stones caused one stone next to another one to look totally different. In devising the new cut, M&M attempted to bring in the best of both worlds by marrying the finer points of emerald cuts and radiant cuts.
Spring Cut Facets
Because of its style, the Spring Cut tends to look a bit bigger than comparable stones by weight. The SpringCut has 60 facets (there are 47 in a comparable emerald cut). Most Spring Cut diamonds have a depth in the 58% to 70% range with table percentages typically in the 75% to 84% range.

Spring Cut diamonds are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as well as a certificate by a major gemological laboratory. All SpringCut™ diamonds of more than 40 points are laser inscribed with a SPRINGCUT™ brand and lab-certified number to highlight their individuality. These laser inscriptions help to ensure the authentic high quality cut of this patented diamond shape.
Loose Spring Cut Diamond
Most gemologists consider “cut” as the most important diamond characteristic. Even a diamond of perfect color and clarity will be dulled by a poor cut. The symmetry of a diamond’s facets also has a strong effect on diamond brilliance. That’s why the new, symmetrically aligned Spring Cut with its rectangular, modified brilliant cut creates the illusion of a stone whose fire and large surface area exceed reality.
Spring Cut Diamond Earrings
The Spring Cut is one of the branded diamond shapes like the Ashoka and Tycoon Cut that Diamond Source of Virginia is not able to sell. In fact, Spring Cut diamonds are no longer available in the United States.

Shoppers looking for Spring Cut, Ashoka and Tycoon cut diamonds often find they like the PrinceCut diamonds (shown below) better and the PrinceCut is one of the patented diamond shapes that is available at Diamond Source of Virginia.
PrinceCut Diamonds

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