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The Lily cut is an exquisite flower-shaped diamond with four “petals” and a square table.

lily-ringThe Lily cut has 65 facets compared to the 43 facets of the princess cut and is cut exclusively by Lili Diamonds (originally named Siman-Tov Bros.) located in the center of the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan, Israel. They still hold the worldwide patent for the Lily Cut that was granted in 1996. This diamond features four lobes which resemble a shamrock, clover, or flower.

lily-ring2This beautiful shape is often used as a pendant or ring but makes gorgeous earrings as well. If you are looking for a unique and stunningly beautiful fancy shape diamond, check out this original flower-shape.

lily-diamond-ringIn past years, Lily cut diamonds were scare on the wholesale market since there is very limited production and most of the smaller Lily cut diamonds went directly to jewelry designers for custom jewelry. As a result, we found it extremely difficult to find Lily cut diamonds less than 1 carat on the wholesale market.

The situation became even more difficult for consumers in 2007 when the cutter, Lili Diamonds, entered into an exclusive arrangement with Louis Vuitton that has all Lily cut diamonds reserved for Louis Vuitton jewelry. Louis Vuitton found the four petals of the Lily cut are a good match for the four-petal flower shape often seen in their trademark patterns. The Lily cut diamonds are therefore not available to any wholesaler or retailer outside the Louis Vuitton distribution channels.