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88-diamondThe Eighty-Eight™ is a patented diamond cut with 8 sides and 88 facets designed to optimize for brilliance, sparkle, and overall light performance. The 88-cut has a novel placement of crown main facets that produces a swirling frame around the table that displays gorgeous scintillation from the pavilion’s extra faceting. With 30 more facets than a traditional round, the Eighty-Eight is mesmerizing because of the cut and does not need special lighting to show its brilliance and fire.

88-ring2At a time when diamond shoppers are looking for alternatives to the ever popular round and princess shapes, the Eighty-Eight provides an outstanding option for those who want exceptional brilliance in a unique octagonal shape.

88-logoFinesse Diamonds, based in New York, developed the new 88-cut and exclusively markets it to licensed retailers. In addition to loose diamonds, the Eighty-Eight is available in a variety of jewelry items including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The eight equal sides allow great flexibility for settings because they fit most four-prong mountings. They also look great in bezel style mountings that help accentuate the eight-sided outline. The 88-cut jewelry line includes the popular three-stone settings as well as classic engagement and anniversary styles.

Larger Eighty-Eight diamonds are laser inscribed with the intertwined 88 symbol and have GIA, EGL, or IGI grading reports depending on the particular market they are sold.

88-ring1An integral part of the marketing program is the tie to the Chinese legend begun in 888 A.D. that tells of Chinese newlyweds during the Tang Dynasty decorating their homes with designs inspired by the 88 symbol that indicates happiness and good luck. The legend of eights provides an additional romantic aspect to the engagement purchase. While the legend originates in an Asian culture, every bride worldwide seeks happiness, good luck, and romance so the Eighty-Eight is a natural winner for the romantic gift of a diamond.

88-earringsWith advertising slogans such as “A Diamond Like No Other” and “8 Sides 88 Facets Infinite Brilliance,” the Eighty-Eight diamond cut is a diamond that is going to catch the eye of diamond shoppers around the world.