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Baguillion Cut is the trademarked original cut inspired by the elongated shape of the straight Baguette and the fire and sparkle of the Princess cut. The Baguillion Cut is designed and manufactured independently in Israel by Baguette World.

sides-baguillionThe baguillion is essentially a horizontally shaped baguette diamond with square corners and the faceting of a princess cut. Like baguettes, baguillions are available in squares, rectangles and tapered rectangles. However, unlike baguettes, baguillion diamonds are brilliant cut instead of step cut. As a result, baguillions possess more facets and greater sparkle than traditional baguette diamonds.

baguillion-diamond-ringsBaguillion diamonds are often used as accent stones in diamond jewelry. They are best used to fill curved, rounded channel, or prong set rings and jewelry. The Baguillion cut is not as narrow as the Baguette cut, with its 2:1 ratio, but is similar to an emerald cut with about a 3:2 ratio. Its 54 facets are longer than a Princess cut, thus creating a wider surface of sparkle, resulting in a larger-looking stone for the same weight.

Baguillions are difficult to match in size and facet pattern. Since they are often used as side stones, they have to be absolutely right to match. Look for even brilliance, just as you would for matched princess cut stones.