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customer-service4We back all of our diamonds with a money back guarantee during the inspection period. Most of our clients examine the diamond before they purchase but for those clients who pay in advance, refunds are quickly returned if they let us know before the end of the inspection period.

Simply contact us within the inspection period for return instructions. We provide a return FedEx label and list of return instructions with every package because we have many clients who choose to return the diamond to us to set in a mounting.

Since our clients have selected the diamond from a list of recommendations, have examined the certification prior to ordering and we have carefully inspected the diamond to ensure it meets or exceeds the certification, we have very few diamonds rejected by our clients. We find that almost every rejected diamond is the result of one of the following reasons.

  • Received inaccurate information from a jeweler or appraiser
  • Decided they wanted a bigger diamond than they had ordered
  • Changed their mind on the shape or color after seeing the diamond in person
  • Realized they could not afford the diamond they requested
  • Were just “window shopping” and never intended to purchase
  • Got cold feet or had second thoughts about the relationship

Diamond Source of Virginia has a strong record of delivering exceptional diamonds that are exactly what our clients requested. We work hard to coach our clients and provide expert advice throughout the selection process but in the end have little control over the rejection reason listed above.

Once we receive the diamond back in its original condition, we release the credit card authorization or refund the wire transfer (less shipping and insurance). The insurance is based on the value of the package times 0.44% and the shipping depends on the location and type of FedEx service (Priority Next Day or Second Day).

We guarantee the diamond we ship is the diamond matching the certification our clients have reviewed. We encourage our clients to call us if they have any questions or concerns about the diamond they receive.

microscope-smallIt has been our experience that most of the concerns clients have are the result of misinformation provided by some local jeweler or a friend who has no diamond training. Since we have carefully inspected the diamond prior to shipping, we can quickly answer any questions our clients might have. Since most online diamond companies have never even seen the diamond you ordered (shipped directly from the wholesaler), they are not able to comment with any first hand knowledge. Because we have weighed, measured, color and clarity graded, and plotted the inclusions, we know the diamonds we sell.

For clients who purchase a diamond and at a later time decide they do not want or need it (i.e., no longer engaged), we offer to broker the diamond on consignment. By utilizing this program, you can have your diamond presented to thousands of diamond shoppers every month. While we can not guarantee when your diamond will sell or even if we can sell it, the exposure we give to potential buyers often means a relatively quick sale and more dollars returned than you would get at a pawn shop or local jeweler.