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When we do a search for the best diamonds on the wholesale market for you, we quote our low price on every diamond every day. Because most diamond shoppers prefer to take the cash discount and avoid the 5% transaction fee included in typical credit card payments, we quote the cash price in our list of recommendations and all correspondence unless otherwise indicated.

The credit card price for a diamond can be calculated by dividing the quoted cash price by 0.95 if payment is going to be made by credit card. The prices we quote for loose diamonds include all shipping and insurance to deliver the diamond to you. Further discussion of cash versus credit card payment is included in our Payment Options page.

Low Price Guarantee

In the unlikely case you find a retailer listing the same diamond for a lower price on the internet, we sometimes offer to match that price using that company’s shipping charges. To be eligible for the lower price match, you must provide us with the quoted price and web site address prior to us ordering the diamond in for our inspection.

Since most online diamond companies never even see the diamonds they sell, let alone inspect them for you, we incur more shipping and insurance expense. Most online diamond companies require payment in advance and then can take a month or more to refund the money on returns.

We also spend considerable time inspecting each diamond as we carefully weigh, measure, color grade, clarity grade and plot all inclusions visible under high magnification. Since we carefully inspect every diamond, we know that many diamonds do not have the color, clarity or the beauty that is indicated by the certification specifications and we want to ensure our clients get the quality of diamond they expect.

Sometimes we choose not to match lower advertised prices if we do not feel that price justifies the shipping expenses and inspection time expenses. This especially true for low clarity or low color diamonds that are more likely to be returned.