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PrinceCut 0.33 ct 1.35 ratioThe PrinceCut® is a modified emerald shape diamond and was also awarded U.S. and international patents in a baguette shape diamond. There are a total of 111 facets in the PrinceCut®: 41 are on the crown and 70 are on the pavilion. The PrinceCut® is available in sizes from .10 to 5 carats, colors from D to I and clarities from IF to SI2.

Avi Paz Fancy Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of the PrinceCut® and supplies the patented diamonds only to authorized dealers. The PrinceCut® was awarded international patents and a U.S. patent in August 2000.

The PrinceCut® is marketed as The Ideal Emerald Cut Diamond™ that offers “very high” levels of brilliance and scintillation. The differences can clearly be seen when a PrinceCut® and emerald cut are subjected to a Light Performance Analysis, which measures features such as White Light, Color Light and Scintillation. Avi Paz Group describes this additional brilliance as the PrinceCut® “Fire”.

PrinceCut 1.00 ct 1.31 ratioA conventional emerald has only 46 facets. On a large stone, this results in the creation of facets that “waste” white light, thereby reducing the life of the stone. With 111 facets, the PrinceCut® is designed to capture and play with light thus creating optimum levels of fire and brilliance.

PrinceCut Three-StoneThe PrinceCut diamonds look beautiful when set as solitaires and provide exceptional sparkle in three-stone rings. If you are looking for a beautiful rectangular diamond shape as an alternative to the classic emerald cut or the radiant cut, you should consider the mesmerizing PrinceCut diamond shape. Give us a call today and we will find the best PrinceCut diamond on the wholesale market meeting your requirements.