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Suberi Bros., Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Gabrielle, a patented cut of Gabi S. Tolkowsky Design. The cut was created by, and named for, the master diamond cutter Gabriel S. “Gabi” Tolkowsky, the great-nephew of Marcel Tolkowsky who, as a math student in London in 1919, set the exact parameters for the perfect round brilliant cut with 58 facets. Developing the Gabrielle cut in the late 90s, Gabi has previously cut some of the world’s most famous diamonds, including the 273.85 carat ‘Centenary’ diamond and the ‘Golden Jubilee”, a 545.65 carat fancy yellow-brown diamond, the largest polished diamond in the world today.

gabrielle-cut-diamond-ringThe Gabrielle diamond stands out for its 105 facets (47 more than the ideal cut which has only 58) which allow for an unparalleled brilliance. The cutting style is also known as a “triple brilliant” and is available in classic rounds and all the fancy shapes: the marquise, oval, pear, square or princess (known as carre), emerald and heart. It is available in sizes of .50 carats and up.

gabrielle-cut-ring-heartThe consumer who buys a loose Gabrielle diamond receives a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Tolkowsky. It also includes a poem he wrote about this diamond cut.

We are not able to sell the Gabrielle diamond at this time. If you are looking for a gorgeous diamond with exceptional brilliance, give us a call today and we will find the best round brilliant cut diamond on the wholesale market meeting your requirements.