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shape-emerald-drawingThe emerald cut is not a brilliant cut, but is called a step cut which means it has rows of facets. Step cuts are comprised of larger facets which act like mirrors and resemble a staircase, hence the name step-cut.

emerald-three-stoneThe emerald cut has 58 facets (25 crown, 8 girdle and 25 pavilion). Because of the angle, size and shape of the facets, the emerald cut shows less brilliance and fire (dispersion) than the other brilliant cut diamonds. However, the emerald cut stone reveals a classic beauty and elegance not seen in other cuts. The look of an emerald cut diamond is subtle and understated with less “flash,” or reflection and refraction than brilliant cuts.

Emerald 4.30 ct 1.35 ratioRectangular emerald cuts are historically more popular than square-cut. The emerald cut can be one of the least expensive to cut because its shape is most like the natural shape of the rough diamond crystal. With ample supply of larger-size emerald rough, larger emerald cut diamonds are often lower price than similar quality and carat weight stones in other shapes.

Advice: Because of the open and large facets, we recommend a higher color and clarity than you might consider for a brilliant cut stone because they are more likely to become visible at lower grades. The classic emerald has a length-to-width ratio of about 1.50, but the recent trend is towards the more square shape with a ratio close to 1.30. We seek emerald cut diamonds with depth 58-69% and table 58-69%.

The following photos are only a sampling of emerald cut diamond ring styles. Hundreds of mounting styles look great with emerald cut diamonds so just email us a picture of the style you like and we can get you a price quote. You can also check out our Designer Gallery for pictures of mountings from some of our suppliers.


Emerald Cut 0.96 basket

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 0.96 carat in basket style mounting

Emerald Cut 1.07 basket 1.61 ratio

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 1.07 carat with 1.61 ratio in basket mounting

Emerald Cut 1.15 ct 0.26 tcw trillions

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 1.15 carat with 0.26 tcw Trillions

Emerald Cut 1.18 w 0.99 tcw EC 1.50 ratio

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 1.18 carat with 0.99 tcw Emeralds

Emerald Cut 1.69 ct 0.96 tcw trapezoids

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 1.69 carat with 0.96 tcw Step-Cut Trapezoids

Emerald Cut 2.54  brushed mounting

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 2.54 carat in wide brushed platinum mounting

Emerald Cut 4.30 ct 2.03 tcw StepTrap

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 4.30 carat with 2.03 tcw Step-Cut Trapezoids