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asprey-cutThe Asprey Cut was created by master diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky. To achieve this cut, Tolkowsky looked back at historical cuts and was impressed by the cushion cut popularized between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. With its soft, not quite square shape, Tolkowsky thought it would provide him with various options for incorporating the Asprey “A” inscription around the edges of the stone. The Asprey Cut, which was at the center of the company’s relaunch of its British luxury lifestyle house, offers a modern interpretation of a traditional design.

asprey-cut-ringThe Asprey Cut was created to maximize light refraction to brilliant effect. All of the diamonds are cut in Tolkowsky’s studio. There are 61 facets in an Asprey Cut. The color grades of the stones currently range from D to G, with clarities from flawless to VS2. Carat weights of Asprey Cut diamonds range from 0.50 to 3, with larger stones available to order.

Asprey Cut diamonds are inscribed on one side of the cushion with the GIA certificate number and on the other side with four distinctive ‘A’s.

The Asprey Cut is a unique cushion cut. It is the only diamond that has the distinctive letter “A” on the crown. Like Asprey’s Eternal Cut, the Asprey Cut has a flower in the center to create softness.

The unique shape of the Asprey Cut means that the cutting process can be done only by hand, unlike many other stones that involve machine cutting.

We are not able to sell the Asprey Cut diamond shape.