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Round Diamond Ring: 1.00 carat 3-Stone with 1.20 tcw Round Side Stones

Round Diamond Ring: 1.00 carat 3-Stone with 1.20 tcw Round Side Stones

This beautiful three stone diamond ring has a 1.00-carat round brilliant diamond set in a custom platinum mounting with 1.20 total carat weight matched round brilliant side diamonds.

The round brilliant diamond measures 6.48 x 6.44 x 3.89 mm. The first two measurements are the shortest and longest diameter diamond measurement while the last measurement is the diamond depth. This round brilliant cut diamond has a 60.2% depth percentage and a 59% table percentage. We suggest round diamonds with a depth of 59-62.5% and table of 53-59% for optimal diamond cut. Symmetry is more important with round diamonds than with fancy shapes so we recommend at least Very Good for symmetry and prefer at least Good rating for polish.

Round Diamond Ring: 1.00 carat 3-Stone with 1.20 tcw Round Side Stones

Round Diamond Ring: 1.00 carat 3-Stone with 1.20 tcw Round Side Stones

The most sought after diamond shape is the round brilliant diamond because it is the diamond cut with the most brilliance and it has great versatility in a wide variety of jewelry. The brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond generates extraordinary beauty. You may have come across the term called “Ideal Cut” while reading about diamonds. This term refers to the effort to cut a round diamond with the finest proportions possible to achieve the maximum brilliance. Today’s modern round brilliant diamond is cut precisely to maximize the diamond’s brilliance, fire and size.

The round brilliant shape is regularly the most expensive diamond cut for several reasons. Cutting the round diamond shape from the rough (unpolished) diamond crystal in general results in more diamond carat-weight loss than other shapes. It also takes more skill and time to accurately cut and polish a round diamond than most other classical diamond shapes. Finally, the round brilliant diamond is the most popular diamond shape so the law of supply and demand increases the price of round brilliant diamonds.

For detailed information on what constitutes great cut in a round brilliant diamond check out the discussion on cut in our diamond education section.

Three-stone diamond rings are the most popular diamond anniversary rings. The three-stone “past, present, future” ring has become an increasingly popular choice for brides-to-be. Sales of the three stone diamond rings where a larger diamond is flanked by slightly smaller ones, now account for more than one of every 10 diamond rings sold.

The matched round brilliant side diamonds measure approximately 5.44 x 5.43 x 3.34 mm. Where the center diamond is a little larger than the side diamonds, there really are no rules for what size of side stones is best. The three-stone ring is truly one piece of diamond jewelry where you need to rely on what looks best to your eyes. Just let us know if you like the appearance of the diamond proportions in this ring and we can recreate this look with any size diamonds. As you can see, there are four prongs, which protect the three round shaped diamonds without overwhelming the appearance with too much metal. This is a sign of excellent artistry.

The diamonds are set in a custom platinum mounting created for these specific diamonds and the client’s finger size. The finest three stone diamond rings are custom made so that the side diamonds fit closely next to the center diamond and appear as non-stop diamonds across the finger when viewed from the top. The four-prong basket style head holding the diamonds provides a sturdy and secure base for the diamonds. This classic three stone round diamond ring is an exceptional choice for women that love the brilliance of the round set in an elegant platinum mounting.

If you are shopping for a stunning three stone round brilliant diamond and a custom anniversary or engagement ring, let us know what type of diamond you are seeking and your target budget and we will go to work. We are happy to search for your diamond using our exceptional cut parameters. Then we can have the custom diamond setting created so you will have one of the most beautiful diamond rings you have every seen.