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Marquise Cut Diamond Ring: 0.79 carat with 0.45 tcw Blue Sapphire Trillions

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring: 0.79 carat with 0.45 tcw Blue Sapphire Trillions

This beautiful marquise cut diamond ring with trillion cut blue sapphire side stones has a 0.79-carat marquise brilliant cut diamond in the center with 0.45 total carat weight of matched triangular (trillion cut) blue sapphires.

The marquise shape diamond measures 9.01 x 4.74 x 3.09 mm so it has a length-to-width ratio of 1.90. The length-to-width ratio should be in the 1.75-2.25 range. The closer to ratio is to 1.75, the “fatter” the diamond appears while as the ratio approaches 2.0 to 2.25 the thinner the diamond width appears. The marquise cut diamond has a 65.2% depth percentage and a 55% table percentage. For marquise shape diamonds, we suggest a depth of 58 to 65.4% and table of 52 to 65% with smaller percentages producing larger size for the carat weight and better cut.

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring: 0.79 carat with 0.45 tcw Blue Sapphire Trillions

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring: 0.79 carat with 0.45 tcw Blue Sapphire Trillions

The marquise shape diamond takes is name from a legend that the Sun King desired a stone polished into the shape of the mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour. The marquise brilliant diamond is a football-shaped modified brilliant. In the marquise brilliant, as with pear shapes and other elongated fancy shape diamonds, there is a greater chance of having a “bow tie.” This is a dark area in the shape of a man’s bow tie that occurs when the cut of diamond facets reflecting light are not the best possible position. This facet misalignment can take away from the brilliance, especially if it is an exaggerated or overly dark bow tie effect. At the Diamond Source of Virginia, we search for marquise brilliant diamonds without the bow tie effect to provide the most stunning marquise diamonds for our clients. One of the best qualities of a marquise shape is that the visual size of the diamond is much larger than you would envision the carat weight would yield. This marquise diamond shape provides a large look for less money than most other diamond shapes.

The blue sapphire trillions measure approximately 3.62 x 3.60 x 2.20 mm. The first number is the millimeter base of the blue sapphire, the second number is the height of the blue sapphire and the third number is the depth of the stone. The blue sapphire trillions have nicely placed prongs that hold them close to the center marquise diamond. The marquise diamond is set with V-shaped prongs, which provide stability and protection for the points without overwhelming the appearance with too much metal. This is a sign of excellent artistry.

The diamonds are set in a custom 14-karat white gold mounting designed for these specific diamonds and the client’s finger size. The finest three stone diamond rings are custom made so that the side diamonds fit snugly next to the center diamond and appear as non-stop diamonds and sapphires across the finger when viewed from the top.

The combination of a marquise brilliant diamond paired with trillion-cut blue sapphires is particularly attractive to those who like diamonds with the curved edges of a marquise and the points of a trillion shape stone. The contrast of the brilliant diamond and the bold blue sapphires yields a classic and distinctive appearance. The blue color of the sapphires is a beautiful cornflower blue, which is more desirable than a dark navy blue color often seen in jewelry stores. Both shapes are brilliant-cut so they have great brilliance and sparkle if properly cut. As you can see by the photograph, the trillion-cut blue sapphires add tremendously to the appearance of the three-stone diamond ring with a nominal price due to the lower cost of sapphires.

If you would like a stunning marquise brilliant diamond with blue sapphire trillions for an engagement or anniversary ring, just tell us what type of diamonds and budget you are seeking. We will be thrilled to search for your diamond and find the best-matched side stones for your ring. Then we can have the custom mounting made so you will have one of the most attractive three stone diamond rings you have every seen.

This marquise cut diamond ring was custom made for one of our clients but we would be happy to replicate this style of ring for you. Just tell us what type of marquise diamond you want (carat weight, ratio, color, and clarity) and we will do a diamond search of the wholesale diamond market and email you our recommendations for the best diamonds in the country that meet your requirements. You also need to tell us what type of metal (gold or platinum) you want so we can get you a price quote for the mounting. Depending on the style, mounting production time is 2 to 4 weeks.

You can contact us by phone at our toll free number (888) 477-8385, by leaving a message at the Questions box to the right of every page, or by filling out the request form at the Diamond Search box to the right of every page.