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Rob surprised me with the ring on January 12th. I was out having drinks with girlfriends after work (Rob’s very willing accomplices!), when suddenly, there was a tap on the window next to our table. I looked up and was shocked to see him standing outside in a full suit holding a large sign (and when I say large, I mean 3’x4′!).


I read the first sign which read, “Hi honey! Please try not to scream or squeal… I had to write all this down so that I could get the words out.” After that one, there was a series of 7 more signs saying all sorts of wonderful things about how his life changed once I entered it and how much I mean to him. As he flipped through the signs, we both began to cry and laugh at the same time. The final sign said, “Will you be my” and below the words was a picture of a bride that he had swiped from one of my bridal magazines.


He then dropped to one knee and pulled out the amazing princess solitaire that you created for us. The entire restaurant burst into applause, and we both bolted for the door since there had been glass between us for the entire proposal.

We met at the door, and he slipped the ring onto my finger. It truly was a creative and incredibly romantic proposal that we will always cherish.


Unknown to me, a friend of ours snuck in to the restaurant through the kitchen and captured the whole thing on video without me even seeing him there! I’ve since had the cards reduced to fit into a scrapbook so that we will always have the memory of that magical night.