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Heart-FireworksI wanted to let you know that Shannon loved the ring! She was so surprised! It was perfect. I’ll tell you how the story went:

As you know, I received the ring sometime in the middle of June. I held on to it for about a week until I built up some courage to speak with her Dad and Mom. Well that went well. I was nervous, but they were very excited about the news. I then had to come up with a plan on how I was going to propose.

Since the 4th of July was right around the corner I came up with a plan for that night. During the Day on the 4th we had a picnic on the beach with both her family & friends, and my family & friends. They all knew what was going to happen that night except of course for Shannon. I was real nervous the news would leak!

Paul-Shannon2It went real well, every one there had a great time… I told Shannon that I had a surprise planned for the both of us that night.. She was very excited about the surprise. Little did she know the surprise would be bigger than she expected. About 4:00 pm we left everyone at the picnic and went back to her house to get ready for the night. I told her to put on a nice dress because we were going to a semi formal event. She was very excited.

Paul-Shannon1I hid the ring in a mint container in my pocket! We then went down to the Bahia Bell and had a drink over looking the Bay listening to live music (very nice). About 7 pm we boarded the William D Evens which is part of the Bahia Hotel resort. She was very surprised already! The ship took us out on a fireworks cruise. It stops right underneath about 7 firework shows here in San Diego.

Paul-Shannon3I got down on my knee right in the middle of the grand finale on one of the shows. She went crazy!!!! I don’t think I could explain to you how excited she was. People were clapping and crying! It went perfect! She had no Idea.

Paul-Shannon4She then proceeded to call everyone including her parents and my parents. She told everyone on the boat. It was truly a special night, I’m so happy with the ring and Shannon still can’t get over it. She gets a ton of attention at work with the beauty of the ring. Thank you both so much for helping me out with this life changing event!

Yes I remembered to bring a camera!!