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Mike is a client from the western part of Virginia. We had shipped him a beautiful princess cut diamond he had selected from our list of recommendations. He examined the diamond and then sent it back to us with a mounting he had purchased from a local jeweler. We set the diamond for him and returned the finished ring to him along with a free insurance appraisal.

The diamond was laser inscribed with the GIA certification and that was a feature he thought was nice because he wanted to make sure the diamond in the ring matched the certification and was the diamond he had previously examined.

MicroscopeGem2We send out a 10x loupe with all diamonds but the laser inscription is difficult to see with anything less than 20x or 30x magnification. Mike took the ring back to the jewelry store where he had purchased the mounting and asked to see the laser inscription under the microscope.

The jeweler said that since he did not purchase the diamond from him, there was a $70 charge for using his microscope. Mike said no thank you and vowed never to go that store again.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Many jewelry stores have a great deal of anger for shoppers who purchase diamonds elsewhere, especially from companies like Diamond Source of Virginia who provide better diamonds at lower prices.
  • Know what services should cost and don’t be pressured into paying for customer service that any retailer should provide to a customer who might make future purchases.