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In ancient times, jewelry symbolized a person’s status and position in society. Later, diamond jewelry was used as a sign of wealth and power. Today, diamond jewelry has become a symbol of love and devotion. The gift of diamond jewelry often marks the most special occasions in life including engagements, weddings, baby births, birthday celebrations and graduations.

The classic types of diamond jewelry include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants.

Diamond Jewelry: Earrings


There are two basic types of diamond earrings: posts or wires for pierced ears and clips for non-pierced ears. Post earrings use a clutch, nut or some other form of backing to hold the earring in the ear. Post diamond earrings with a single diamond at the end are called stud earrings. Wire diamond earrings have a wire that slips through the ear and sometimes have a hook device in back. Clip earrings use a hinged clip to hold the earring to the ear.

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Diamond Jewelry: Rings


Diamond rings have two basic components: the shank that is the part that goes around the finger; and the head that holds the diamond or diamonds. More than 80% of men proposing marriage present a diamond engagement ring as a sign of their love and commitment.

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Diamond Jewelry: Bracelets


Diamond bracelets come in two forms: link bracelets which are flexible; and bangle bracelets that are rigid.

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Diamond Jewelry: Necklaces


Diamond necklaces are forms of adornment that go around the neck. There is great variety of how the diamonds can be set in diamond necklaces ranging from the solitaire diamond to the elaborate necklaces worn by celebrities at public events.

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Diamond Jewelry: Pendants


Diamond pendants are the diamond adornments that hand from a chain or necklace. The most popular diamond pendant is the diamond solitaire. The three-stone diamond pendant symbolizing past-present-future has recently become a classic.

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