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A diamond bracelet is a piece of jewelry that drapes softly around the wrist. The diamond bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry that provides a shimmering circle of diamonds around the wrist. It is important that a bracelet be comfortable get strong enough to take the abuse that occurs on the wrist of a busy hand.

There are different types of diamond bracelets as wells as many styles and choices of materials.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

bracelet-round-2prong-barThe diamond tennis bracelet was made famous by tennis champion Chris Evert who was also known for her diamond line bracelets. She lost one during the 1987 U.S. Open, and the game had to be temporarily halted while she prowled the court for it. The “tennis bracelet” incident sparked a new name for the item, as well as a huge jewelry trend.

Diamond tennis bracelets are made in a wide variety of qualities. Some are nicely made with great attention to detail but others are constructed with little concern or attention to quality in assembly or materials. A tennis bracelet should be flexible and not prone to kinking to avoid wear and tear on the hinged joints.


bracelet-tennis-fitThe proper length of a diamond tennis bracelet will vary with the size of the wrist it is to be worn on. With the bracelet on the wrist, the space between the diamond tennis bracelet and the wrist should be one finger width.

If the diamond tennis bracelet is too long it will catch on clothing or furniture and put excessive stress on the hinge joints. If the tennis bracelet is too short, it will not only be uncomfortable but will be rigid when it hits objects and cause damage to the links and joints.

Bangle Diamond Bracelet

bracelet-bangle-barA diamond bangle bracelet is a slender, rigid circle that seems to float on the wrist. Diamond bangle bracelets are usually narrow and worn with other bangles with or without diamonds. It is not uncommon to see four or five bangles on the same wrist. A bangle may be solid circle or it may be hinged to make it easier to put on.

bracelet-bangle-flushThe diamonds on diamond bangle bracelets can be prong set, bezel set, flush set, invisible set, channel set or pave set depending on the look the designer is seeking.

Care needs to be taken when wearing multiple diamond tennis bracelets since the diamonds in the bracelets can touch each other. Keeping in mind that only a diamond can scratch a diamond, you do not want diamonds rubbing against each other in the jewelry box and certainly not on your wrist.

Diamond Charm Bracelets

bracelet-diamond-charm2Charm bracelets have been in and out of style for many years. They were very popular in the 1950s. The diamond charm bracelet starts with a link bracelet that is used to support the charms that dangle from the links. The charms have special meaning to the person wearing the diamond charm bracelet and are often collected over several years.

bracelet-diamond-charmThe diamonds can be set in the charms or in the links. Either way, the sparkle of the diamonds adds a special beauty to this collection of special memories.