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Here are some steps to determine your own finger size when you do not have access to a jeweler’s finger gauge rings.

  • Wrap a strip of paper, piece of string or small wire around your finger.
  • Mark the string, paper or wire where it overlaps to form a complete circle.
  • Use a ruler to measure the string, paper or wire to determine the circumference (distance around) of your finger in inches or millimeters.
  • Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger.
  • Look up the ring size by finding the appropriate circumference or diameter on the Ring Size Conversion Chart below.

Please note: You need to take the knuckle into consideration when sizing. The base of your finger may be smaller then your knuckle. Also wider bands should be sized about one half size larger.

A way to measure a ring you have is to hold it up against a metric ruler that shows millimeters, and carefully measure the inside diameter of the ring shank (part that goes around the finger). A magnifying glass will help to ease the strain on your eyes and help you be more precise in your measuring efforts.

Remember that the hand you use most often will vary in size(s) so be sure to take that into consideration and use the Correct hand for your measurements. For example, if a person is right handed, the finger size on the right hands tends to be a half size bigger than the corresponding finger sizes on the left hand.

Have your finger size measured at the end of the day when your fingers are usually largest. Don’t measure finger sizes when your hands are cold. If possible, have your finger measured several times on different days. This is the best way to get a true reading.

finger-size-gaugeWe also recommend that our Clients have their ring size measured at a jewelers for the most accurate determination. Using finger size gauge rings provides a more accurate finger size measurements and increases the probability the ring will be comfortable to wear.

If the ring is to be a surprise, try to bring one of her rings to any jewelry store and they will have the tools to accurately measure the ring size. Just be sure you are getting a ring she wears on the ring finger of her left hand.

If you only have one of her rings for a few minutes, try making an impression of the ring in something like a bar of soap or a piece of bread. Then you can take that to a jewelry store or use one of the measuring techniques mentioned above.

Perhaps the most common way for getting a quick indicator of the size of her ring is to put the ring on your own finger (probably your smallest finger)and see how far it goes down your finger. Then you can go into a jewelry store to have that part of your finger sized.

When guessing at the finger size, remember that it is better to error on the high side. Nothing is more frustrating for a gal than to be given an ring, especially an engagement ring, that she can not fit on her finger. She wants to show everyone her new ring so waiting to have it re-sized puts a damper on the moment. Even if the ring is a little too big, she can get it on her finger and show everyone her beautiful new ring.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

0.48212.21.51338.43/4A 1/2
0.49812.61.56439.71 1/4B 1/2
0.50612.91.58940.41 1/2C
0.51413.11.61441.01 3/4C 1/2
0.53013.51.66442.32 1/4D 1/2
0.53813.71.68942.92 1/2E32.75
0.54613.91.71443.52 3/4E 1/2
0.56214.31.76544.83 1/4F 1/255.25
0.57014.51.79045.53 1/2G
0.57814.71.81546.13 3/4G 1/266.50
0.59415.11.86547.44 1/4H 1/27.75
0.60215.31.89048.04 1/2I8
0.61015.51.91548.74 3/4J9.00
0.61815.71.94149.35J 1/29
0.62615.91.96649.95 1/4K10.00
0.63416.11.99150.65 1/2K 1/210
0.64216.32.01651.25 3/4L11.75
0.65016.52.04151.86L 1/21112.75
0.65816.72.06652.56 1/4M12
0.66616.92.09153.16 1/2M 1/21314.00
0.67417.12.11653.86 3/4N
0.68217.32.14154.47N 1/21415.25
0.69017.52.16755.07 1/4O
0.69817.72.19255.77 1/2O 1/21516.50
0.70617.92.21756.37 3/4P
0.71418.12.24256.98P 1/21617.75
0.72218.32.26757.68 1/4Q
0.73018.52.29258.28 1/2Q 1/217
0.73818.72.31758.98 3/4R19
0.74618.92.34259.59R 1/218
0.75419.22.36860.19 1/4S20.25
0.76219.42.39360.89 1/2S 1/219
0.77019.62.41861.49 3/4T21.5
0.77819.82.44362.110T 1/220
0.78620.02.46862.710 1/4U21
0.79420.22.49363.310 1/2U 1/22222.75
0.80220.42.51864.010 3/4V
0.81020.62.54364.611V 1/223
0.81820.82.56965.211 1/4W25
0.82621.02.59465.911 1/2W 1/224
0.83421.22.61966.511 3/4X
0.84221.42.64467.212X 1/22527.50
0.85021.62.66967.812 1/4Y
0.85821.82.69468.412 1/2Z2628.75
0.86622.02.71969.112 3/4Z 1/2
0.88222.42.76970.313 1/4Z1
0.89022.62.79571.013 1/2
0.89822.82.82071.613 3/4Z2
0.91423.22.87072.914 1/4
0.92223.42.89573.514 1/2Z4
0.93023.62.92074.214 3/4
0.94624.02.97075.415 1/4
0.95424.22.99676.115 1/2
0.96224.43.02176.715 3/4