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victorian-cut-necklaceABA Diamond’s owner, Ari Abaev, didn’t set out to create a new fancy shape diamond. He was working with an emerald cut and noticed that its brilliance was beyond the ordinary stone of its type. Once the particulars were figured out concerning what made the stone unique, the Victorian Cut was born. The Victorian Cut premiered at a trade show in Las Vegas in 2002, as “the victory of art over dimensions.”

victorian-cut-ringThe Victorian Cut has a classical shape, a unique multifaceted top crown and step cut bottom pavilion facets, which contribute to the diamond’s brilliance. There are 73 facets in a Victorian Cut. Carat weights start from 0.30. Table sizes range from 58 to 63 percent. Total depth range is 60 to 64 percent.

victorian-cut-sidestonesThe great brilliance of the Victorian Cut diamond makes it appealing to a broad customer base. The beauty of the stone is enhanced in larger sizes above 3 carats.

Diamond Source of Virginia does not sell the Victorian Cut brand of diamonds.