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shape-tycoonThe Tycoon Cut, invented in 1999 by Toros Kejejian, is a uniquely designed rectangular shape that has been turning heads at trade shows as its distribution grows. The name Tycoon Cut is trade­marked, and has been patented in both the United States and internationally. Los Angeles-based Tycoon Jewelry is its sole distributor.

shape-tycoon-drawing-topThe cut is described as a rectangular mixed cut. It has 33 facets ­nine on the crown and 24 making up the pavilion. The faceting of the crown is what makes the Tycoon Cut unique, as the entire crown can be considered a nine ­facet table. The top center facet is in the shape of a diamond, making it the only diamond with a diamond on top.

tycoon-cut-diamond-ringCutting of the Tycoon Cut is through the company’s partner in Israel, Sahar Atid Diamonds. Tycoon Cuts are being created in large, center stone sizes as well as for use as side stones. Melee sizes are also being made for use in the company’s jewelry line.

tycoon-three-stoneTycoon Cut stones appeal to diamonds shoppers looking for something new and different. The diamond-shaped table is a unique addition to the bag of tricks that designers use in the creation of new cuts.

Every Tycoon Cut diamond is AGS certified or is accompanied by a GIA Diamond Grading Report and has an authentic identifying number laser inscribed on the girdle.

Diamond Source of Virginia does not sell the Tycoon Cut brand of diamond.