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shape-trilliantAlthough “trilliant” is a generic term used in the diamond industry for triangular brilliant, the logo is registered by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company.

icon-trilliantTrilliants are often used as side or accent diamonds although they can also be mounted as the central stone for striking effect. Sizes less than one carat are sold almost exclusively as matched pairs. Trilliant diamonds display a very sharp brilliance or fire if the diamond is cut to the correct depth allowing good scintillation.

colored-yellow-trilliantThe Henry Meyer Trilliant diamond is cut exclusively with straight sides as an equilateral triangle, slightly pinched at the tips. The finished diamond contains 50 facets. An overall depth of 32 to 44 percent is most common in Trilliants. The “best depth will vary according to the taste and different depths result in changes in brilliancy.

At 32 percent depth, the diamond will exhibit more of a “crinkled foil” kind of brilliancy reminiscent of the foil-backed rose cuts and other diamonds of Victorian times. This quality is flattering to traditional brilliant-cut center diamonds such as rounds, ovals and pears when Trilliants are used as side stones. At the other end of the spectrum (44 percent depth), there is greater brilliance and facets appear more distinctly. This look also flatters other fancy cuts such as the radiant.

crystal-macle-twinMost Trilliant diamonds are cut from a piece of diamond rough known as the ‘macle’, which is a triangular shape, flat, tabular crystal. This crystal shape makes the triangular cut very efficient on rough recovery, so trillions are not usually overly pricey–except that they have become very popular in the USA recently.

Ideally, a crown depth to pavilion depth ratio of approximately 1/3 to 2/3, as opposed to some of the foreign-cut Triangular Brilliants that can display 50/50 percent crown/pavilion proportions.

Diamond Source of Virginia does not currently sell the Trilliant  brand of diamond but can supply beautiful triangular brilliant diamonds.