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Trielle is the brand name that is registered by Trillion Diamond Co., Inc.

shape-trielleThe finished Trielle contains 50 facets: 41 (including the table and culet) plus nine girdle facets. While some manufacturers cut triangles with either straight or bowed sides, the Trielle contains straight sides exclusively. As with triangular brilliants in general, an equilateral triangle (three sides equal in length) is optimum.

Trielle diamonds are cut only in the factory of Trillion Diamond Co., Inc. in the United States; where quality craftsmanship and consistency are guaranteed. Every Trielle triangular brilliant is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Trillion Diamond Co.

Prices of the Trielle diamond are significantly higher than generic triangular cut diamonds. This is due in part to the low yield of finished carat weight as a percent of rough carat weight.

crystal-macle-twinMost Trielle diamonds are cut from a piece of diamond rough known as the ‘macle’, which is a triangular shape, flat, tabular crystal. This crystal shape makes the triangular cut very efficient on rough recovery, so trillions are not usually overly pricey–except that they have become very popular in the USA recently.

While Diamond Source of Virginia can supply the Trielle brand of diamonds, the limited supply means they are often not available in the millimeter size, color and clarity that are required.