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The Starburst Cut name is a patent of Louis Glick & Co. and U. Doppelt & Co. The Starburst was developed 25 years ago by the Louis Glick and U. Doppelt companies.

starburst-pendantThe Starburst is a modified radiant cut. It is a rectangular brilliant cut with 88 or more kite- and star-shaped facets. Often there are twice as many facets on a Starburst as on a traditional round cut. The cut originated as a way to bring the maximum amount of color to the top of fancy yellow diamonds. The starburst facet pattern is especially good at focusing color near the top of a stone, so fancy yellows appear even more intense, and that is why you see so many yellows cut this way.

starburst-trillion-ringThe cut lends itself to the octahedron of typical diamond rough, with weight losses ranging from 45 to 50 percent. The cut of a Starburst optimizes the size of the stone to its mass ratio, making it look larger than its actual carat weight.

starburst-necklace-earringsThe Starburst’s many facets and its similarity to the look of a round brilliant give it lots of striking color options, especially in the whiter stones, but also in fancy yellow. Yellow and white Starbursts are commonly used as center stones for high-end rings.

Starbursts are also mounted in high-end bracelets and necklaces, some with six digit price tags. Starburst cut diamonds were very sought after by designers in the past but limited supply has diminished that demand.

Diamond Source of Virginia is not able to sell Starburst diamonds as the present time. We recommend a radiant cut diamond for exceptional brilliance and value. If you are seeking a gorgeous radiant cut diamond, give us a call and we will find the best diamonds available on the wholesale market that meet your requirements.