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princette-shapePrincette™ diamonds are Princess-cut baguette diamonds, meaning they are brilliant-cut. Princette diamonds are cut either as straight baguettes or as tapered baguettes, which form a trapezoidal shape. Traditionally, baguettes have been narrow-rectangular in shape and step cut.

Princess cut diamonds have a modified brilliant cut instead of a step cut. This produces a much more brilliant diamond than the traditional step cut.

princette-ringsPrincette is the same basic shape as traditional, step-cut baguettes and tapered baguettes, except that it is faceted like a Princess cut diamond with approximately 48 facets. It is available only in mounted jewelry in platinum with 18-karat gold accents. The cut was developed by an Israeli diamond cutter and was on the market for a number of years before Mark Silverstein Diamond Import Co. trademarked the name about 14 years ago. The Princette is available in a variety of sizes with 10- to 20-pointers being the most popular.

The Princette primarily is used as a bridal jewelry stone. The company has about 400 mountings in its bridal line, including channel and prong settings for semi-mounts and bands. The stones are not sold loose.

We are not able to sell the Princette diamond at the present time. We recommend brilliant cut trapezoids for side stones so give us a call and we will find the best matched brilliant cut trapezoids on the wholesale market meeting your requirements.