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princess-plus-shapeThe Princess Plus diamond from EFD Ltd. is manufactured with more surface area and is designed to give more brilliance than most traditional diamonds available today. In 1999, EFD started creating jewelry with its Princess Plus for fashion designs, solitaire rings, three-stone rings, and now diamond Right Hand Rings.

princess-plus-ring2The Plus Cut has 101 facets, 40 more facets than the standard Princess Cut diamond, and has a weight range of 40 points to 1 carat. EFD provides a return of light certification and color, cut, carat and clarity grading through the Independent Gemological Laboratories (IGL). Princess Plus Cuts are available in qualities from SI to II. Only a handful of master cutters from around the world are authorized to cut the ideal proportions of the Princess Plus diamond.

princess-plus-ringEvery Princess Plus diamond ring includes EFD’s distinctive diamond inset and brand mark, as well as the company’s exclusive diamond tag. The mark only appears on jewelry that has guaranteed conflict-free diamonds and has passed the rigorous quality control standards of the company.


Diamond Source of Virginia is not able to sell the Princess Plus diamonds at the present time. If you are seeking a gorgeous square modified brilliant diamond with GIA certification that is also more affordable, give us a call today and we will find the best diamonds available on the wholesaler market meeting your requirements.