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The Lucère diamond represents a new option in a square-cut stone that exhibits exceptional brilliance and dispersion. The diamond has a step-cut crown and brilliant pavilion. The tables are kept small to capture enhanced dispersion from the diamond.

lucere-diamond-ringThere are 65 facets in a Lucère diamond: 25 facets on the crown and 40 facets on the pavilion. The stones are hand-cut in the company’s factory in Johannesburg. Table sizes on the Lucère range from 54 to 63 percent and total depths run from 67.3 to 74.2 percent. Because the stones are square cut, it is imperative that they be cut deeper than rounds in order to ensure the type of light output that distinguishes the Lucère from other cuts.

Lucère diamonds are girdle-inscribed with the Lucère name and an identification number unique to each stone.

lucere-shape-3-stonesThere are two types of Lucère diamonds. The American Lucère features a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. These diamonds are always equilateral (or square). The European Lucère, fashioned after a radiant-cut diamond, has 20 more facets than the American version to maximize brilliance and scintillation (16 of the additional facets are placed on the crown and four on the pavilion). The European Lucère can be cut as a square or a rectangle.

lucereBecause the Lucère has a deeper crown and greater total depth than the average square-cut stone, it is smaller in size for comparable carat weights. The smaller size and the greater cost per carat have to be weighed against the superior light return of this diamond cut.

There are very few Lucère diamonds available on the wholesale market. If you are shopping for a Lucère diamond, give us a call and find what is available for you today.

radiant-loose-reflectionDiamond Source of Virginia does not sell the Lucère brand of diamond but does well the beautiful square radiant at a lower price.