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The patented Leo Diamond is marketed as a truly unique diamond cut but is a modified round diamond. It is designed and handcrafted by the skilled diamond artisans at Leo Schachter, a company that has built its reputation over four generations as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine diamonds.

leo-diamond-pendantThe Leo Diamond has a unique modified round cut with 66 facets (a conventional diamond has 58 facets). The patented Leo Diamond is recognized as a breakthrough in the technique and craft of diamond cutting. The unique symmetry and placement of its facets result in fire, sparkle and brilliance that will take your breath away. Brilliance is how a diamond’s beauty is determined.

leo-roundThe Leo Diamond has also been cut as a square modified brilliant shape similar to the princess cut. The Leo Diamond is a good example of a branded marketing campaign where the perception of uniqueness had been strongly marketed and allows the retailer to set higher prices than ideal cut round brilliant cut or princess cut diamonds.

leo-princessEvery Leo has a unique identification number that can be traced on the manufacturer’s website to see the master craftsmen who designed, cut and polished it. This Certificate of Authenticity verifies the Leo Diamond’s unique identification number and verifies the diamond’s attributes. The Leo Diamond is also independently measured and certificated for its ‘return of light’. In addition, the International Gemological Institute, an internationally recognized gemological grading laboratory, uses three appraisers to certify the Leo Diamond for its clarity and color.

We are not able to sell the Leo Diamond at this time. If you are shopping for a gorgeous round brilliant or princess cut diamond, give us a call today and we will find the best diamond on the wholesale market meeting your requirements.