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lady-heart-pendantA Half Moon shape, the Lady Cut, with its step-cut pavilion, is designed to give more brilliance than traditional Half Moon cuts. It can be used with other stones in a wide variety of combinations. The Lady Heart, in which two Lady Cut diamonds are set against a Princess, gives a larger appearance than a solitaire heart shape of the same weight.

lady-heart-necklaceThere are 57 facets on the Lady Cut: 21 on the crown, 24 on the pavilion and 12 on the girdle. The color grades of the stones range from D to G, with clarities from IF to VS. Lady Cuts may be as small as 0.06 carats, yielding a 0.25 total carat weight Lady Heart.

A necklace of Lady Hearts can total as much as 40 carats, or more, if ordered. Both the Lady Cut and Lady Heart design are patented. Other designs using the Lady Cut are planned. Lady Cut stones are not certified because they are not sold loose.

We are not able to sell the Lady Cut diamond jewelry at the present time. If you are looking for a gorgeous heart shaped diamond, give us a call today and we will find the best heart brilliant diamond on the wholesale market that meets your requirements.