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jcmillennium-diamondsJ&D Diamonds is the producer and exclusive distributor of the J.C. Millennium Cut diamond. This newly patented diamond shape came to be after a full year of cutting and experimenting by master cutter John Ceulemans, who has polished a number of important diamonds, including five D flawless stones of more than 100 carats.


The J.C. Millennium Cut is a 16-sided, 89-faceted stone. The cut features a very unique “up and down” girdle, which gives the cut a flat-sided, as opposed to a round, appearance. The 16 flat “up and down” girdle facets come together at slight points, creating a much different look than the straight girdle of typical round brilliant-cut stones. Another unique aspect of the stone is the break-line in the pavilion, which subdivides the bottom of the pavilion into more facets and gives the stone the appearance of a flower when viewed through the table.

jcmillennium-girdle-zigzagThe most substantial differences from the regular round brilliant are the girdle and the bottom. The girdle consists of 16 facets that go up and down symmetrically, while the bottom side is designed with three different angles. The complex composition of these facets creates a much stronger brilliancy than any classical diamond cut. The difference becomes even much more striking when the diamond is being twisted and viewed from different positions.

Every stone has a serial number which is engraved on the girdle by laser every stone comes with a certificate of origin, signed by creator John Ceulemans, mentioning the serial number, the quality and certificate number from HRD. Every stone has a full certificate from HRD (High Diamond Council from Antwerp).

The JC-MILLENNIUM is a registered design and brand. It is only manufactured by the licensed producer in Antwerp.

We are not able to sell the JC Millennium Cut. If you are looking for a beautiful round brilliant diamond, give us a call and we will find a gorgeous GIA Triple Excellent for a fraction of the price of the J.C. Millennium Cut diamond.