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The technical name for this stone is the “Heart-Shaped Modified Brilliant,” based upon its shape and modifications of the traditional round brilliant configuration.

Heart Loose 0.89 ratioThe heart shape is a brilliant cut which typically contains 59 facets but that can be modified so that the number of pavilion main facets may be 6, 7, or 8.

Heart Loose 0.90 ratioThe length-to-width ratio of the heart can vary. Fat hearts will have ratios in the 0.85 to 1.00 ratio while skinny hearts are will be greater than 1.00. The best ratio for you will depend on your personal preferences so do your shopping to determine what you like best. As with fancy shapes in general, cutting parameters are for the most part determined by the shape and nature of the rough diamond crystal.

Cutters are sometimes motivated to cut a heart shape when a large inclusion in a particular location must be removed. By orienting that inclusion to the heart’s cleft, maximum weight retention can be achieved.

ring-diamond-heartMost heart-shaped brilliants are purchased as single diamonds, most commonly for solitaire necklaces in sizes of a half carat or above. Solitaire rings are also popular as are matched pairs for stud earrings and side stones for diamond rings. There is a noticeable increase in demand for heart-shaped diamonds around Valentine’s Day.

sides-heartsAdvice: It is important to look for a perfectly symmetrical appearance where the lobes (top arches) are of even height and breadth, and the overall shape pleasing to the eye. The cleft should be sharp and distinct. We seek heart shaped diamonds with depth 58-65.4% and table 52-64%. A heart that is too flat creates a bigger look, but at the expense of brilliance. On the other hand, overly deep diamonds might have good brilliance but the diamond will look small relative to its weight. We recommend at least I color and SI1 clarity for heart shaped diamonds.

The following photos are only a sampling of heart cut diamond ring styles. Hundreds of mounting styles look great with heart shaped diamonds so just email us a picture of the style you like and we can get you a price quote. You can also check out our Designer Gallery for pictures of mountings from some of our suppliers.



Heart Shaped Ring 0.83 ct 0.93 ratio 3 prong

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring: 0.83 carat in three prong basket mounting

Heart Shaped Ring 1.50 ct 5 prong

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring: 1.50 carat in five prong basket mounting