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The Elara Cut was developed in Antwerp, Belgium, in partnership with the Diamond High Council and Antwerp University. The cut is patented and the name is trademarked.

elara-diamond-ringsThe cut used to be called the Flanders Cut, after the manufacturer’s name. But in 2001, the company changed its name and the diamond cut’s branded name to Elara.

elara-diamond-ringsWhile the Elara Cut Diamond has a square outline, its developers say it has the brilliance and scintillation of a round diamond. In a company survey, consumers were asked to choose their favorite diamonds by shape. The Elara cut scored 23%, second only to the round brilliant cut.

elara-diamond-pendantWith 61 facets, four more than a Round Brilliant Diamond, Elara is a truly unique new diamond shape. The Round Brilliant Diamond owes its beauty to a combination of precise symmetry, facet placement, and the natural reflective properties of fine diamonds.

It is recognized by the award of a Design Patent of the United States, number 941,851. In addition, the Elara Diamond has received a Copyright Registration for its unique shape, the highest measure of recognition for the creative work that went into the design of the cut.

Elara has a collection of jewelry available through premiere jewelers across the United States.

radiant-classic-squareWe are not able to sell the Elara Cut or the Flanders Cut diamonds at the present time. Most of our clients who like the looks of a Elara Cut diamond, end up purchasing a square radiant. Square radiant cut diamonds (illustrated on the right) can have exceptional brilliance, even compared to a Elara Cut diamonds, but the greater selection and larger millimeter size for the price make them more affordable and attainable.

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