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diamond-beadsThe diamond bead is a diamond that has been faceted and drilled. It is seldom completely spherical, and many have any shape, from round to a disc.

diamond-bead-necklaceThe diamond bead is covered with small facets on all sides, often in steps. There is no girdle, table or culet. The diamond bead is always cut from a particular type of diamond rough crystal that is near-spherical in shape.

diamond-bead-necklace2Like the diamond briolette, which also experiencing a revival, most of the diamond beads on the market are newly cut, mostly in India. Diamond beads come in a range of colors from yellow champagnes to browns, but like most diamond cuts, whiter, brighter beads are more expensive than off-color beads. There are few diamond beads on the market larger than three-quarters of a carat. Typical sizes range from 2.5 mm to 6 or 7 mm.

diamond-beadA key consideration with diamond beads is the drill hole. Many diamond beads are drilled too narrowly to allow the wire to be threaded effectively. Larger holes, as those found in pearls, are not possible, since the diamond bead reflects the line of the hole throughout the body of the bead. Sometimes drill holes can be widened slightly, but only at the expense of losing some of the diamond’s brilliance.