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barocut-looseThe Barocut™ diamond was created in 2000 by Baroka Creations, Inc. Since its introduction, the Barocut has established itself as a successful brand among consumers and retail jewelers.

The Barocut is considered a rectangular modified cut. It has 77 facets (81 in cut corner style) which create the most light-dispersion possible. The Barocut is sometimes referred to as “The Two Heart Diamond” due to the appearance of two hearts meeting point to point deep into the culet of the diamond. The cut is available in all colors and clarities and in sizes from 20 points to 3 carats.

The Barocut has become popular with consumers in large part because of the romantic appeal of the diamond’s two hearts.

While it can not be purchased as a loose stone, the Barocut is usually sold in original jewelry created by Baroka designers. The Barocut is used in earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.

We do not sell the Barocut shape of diamond.