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amorillion-looseThe Amorillion™ is patented and trademarked by AM-GOLD Products, Inc. It is a “multi-diamond product” or “compound cut” that’s composed of two elongated shield-shape or modified trillion-cut diamonds perfectly matched and aligned to create the illusion of a marquise-cut diamond. The Amorillion™, available exclusively through AM-GOLD, is part of 10-karat, 14-karat and 18-karat gold jewelry collections featuring a variety of styles.

amorillion-ringThe two modified triangle-shape diamonds that make up the Amorillion yield a marquise look-alike substantially larger than an actual marquise of the same weight. In addition, the stones together contain more facets than a traditional marquise cut, therefore yielding more brilliance. Amorillions are available in sizes ranging from 1/6 to 5/8 carat, resulting in up to 1.5 carats in total weight, I clarity, I through J colors.

amorillion-ring2The concept behind the Amorillion and all “compound Cuts,” is to create a produce with the appearance of a larger diamond, using two or more smaller stones aligned in a setting. This allows the consumer the opportunity to purchase a product that looks like a large diamond at a fraction of the cost. As far as size standards for the Amorillion, a good rule of thumb is that it looks 30 percent larger than a marquise of the same weight.

We do not sell the Amorillion cut diamond but do sell the marquise shaped diamond which the Amorillion is trying to imitate.