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The Lazare Diamond is advertised as “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond” and was the first recognized brand name for an ideal cut diamond.

While H&A patterning is due to the high symmetry of the diamond, most diamonds displaying this patterns will have Excellent or Very Good symmetry ratings by the GIA or Ideal symmetry ratings by the AGS. However, these symmetry ratings are no guarantee of H&A since diamonds rated Excellent or Ideal symmetry might not display the Hearts and Arrows pattern.

The brand of ideal cut or Hearts & Arrows does not make the cut, it only identifies the company that is marketing and reselling those diamonds. You can have the same beauty of these exceptionally well cut diamonds without having to pay the premium for the marketing that goes along with a branded stone. Someone has to pay for all those expensive billboard and magazine ads that is required to market a brand, but it does not have to be you.

If you are shopping for a Hearts & Arrows diamond but want more of your money to go for the diamond and less for the marketing, give us a call and we will be happy to find gorgeous H&A diamonds for you.

The following discussion identifies some of the branded names for Hearts & Arrows diamonds.

A Cut Above is the manufacturer of “A CUT ABOVE”, Super ideal cut, branded Hearts and Arrows diamonds. All stones are graded by either the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society) and have girdles inscribed with the “A Cut Above” logo, and the certificate number.


Each Aglaia diamond is inscribed with the Aglaia emblem and its AGS certificate number. The diamond is packaged with an Aglaia brochure and CD marketing Aglaia all presented in a mahogany jewelry box.


EightStar Diamond Company is often considered the elite of the Hearts & Arrows brands as they cut and grade their H&A stones with standards originally developed in Japan. Their branded H&A diamonds include the registration laser-cut into the girdle, a certificate of authenticity issued by Richard von Sternberg, president of the EightStar Diamond Company and the GIA grading report.

Hearts for Eternity

The Waldman Diamond Company, an international diamond supplier, branded Hearts for Eternity for their H&A diamonds and a line of diamond jewelry. Each Hearts for Eternity diamond has laser inscribed on its girdle, the Hearts for Eternity logo, the diamond’s AGS identification number, and a brief personal expression of love — set in the stone for eternity!

Hearts on Fire

With marketing phrases like “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®” and “The Difference Is Perfection – It’s A Difference You Can See®” this company might win the prize for most trademarked marketing phrases for a branded diamond. Each Hearts On Fire diamond is microscopically inscribed with the Hearts On Fire logo and your unique serialized identification number. Your unique serial number is then registered and recorded for perpetuity with the Hearts On Fire Company.

Dream® The New Shape of Perfection® is the Hearts On Fire Company’s branded version of a square shaped diamond that displays a Hearts pattern when viewed with the H&A scope.

Landau Ideal

Joe Landau, president of J. Landau Inc., has branded the Landau Ideal,™ featuring hearts-and-arrows-caliber cutting for diamonds. Each Landau Ideal diamond includes a grading report from a major laboratory, a registration number on the girdle and a Landau Lumaison,™ a rosewood presentation box that includes a Landau Scope to better view the hearts-and-arrows patterns and a magnification lens to examine the girdle inscription.

Lazare Kaplan Ideal

Lazare Kaplan, the largest cutter and polisher of ideal cut diamonds in the U.S. and the international company is chaired by Maurice Tempelsman. The Lazare Kaplan diamond is marketed as “The World’­s Most Beautiful Diamond®”. Every Lazare Diamond has the Lazare logo and an identification number laser inscribed.