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DiamondSourceVA is an estimate of our average expected price. Of course the actual price will depend on the specific diamond we find for you.
Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will email you actual diamond specifications and prices meeting your requirements.

Typical Retailer is what you can expect to pay at a typical retail jewelry store.

Luxury Retailer is what you can expect to pay at a high-end or luxury retail jewelry store.

Note: Prices are for well cut diamonds. Ideal or other exceptional cut diamonds may be priced 10% to 15% higher. EX EX or ID ID ratings for polish and symmetry may be priced additional 10% higher. Expect 10% premiums in the following carat weight ranges: 1.25-1.49, 1.70-1.99, 2.50-2.99, 3.50-3.99, 4.50-4.99

Let Us Help You Find Your Diamond
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