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We do everything possible to ensure that the diamond you receive will thrill you. However, you are the final judge and we want you to feel completely comfortable in your decision. We believe it is in your best interest to examine a diamond loose before you make your purchase decision. With it loose you can have it weighed, measured and examined with a microscope. Once a diamond is set in a mounting, it is difficult to accurately examine a diamond.

Our Location

virginia-mapMost of our clients who are within driving distance of Richmond, Virginia like being able to come to our offices to examine the diamond we have ordered for them. We have private viewing rooms with microscopes, electronic scales and other equipment that will enable you a thorough examination of the diamond.

We carefully show you every aspect of the diamond and are happy to answer all your questions. We feel our clients deserve all the time and attention they need to help them understand the diamond they have ordered and to be comfortable in their purchase decision making process.

If you decide to purchase the diamond, we can then help you find the setting you want for your diamond. If you are undecided on what mounting style you want, check out some of the diamond ring photos or designer gallery on our website.

Your Location

For clients who can not come to our office, we provide free shipping to send the diamond to them to examine before purchasing. We send a free 10x loupe with every diamond because we want you to see the true beauty of the diamond we send you.

If you would like to get another opinion on the quality of any diamond you purchase, we highly recommend finding an independent appraiser. The term “independent” means they are not the employee of a jewelry store who might be biased. Some retail jewelry store employees have been known to misrepresent somebody else’s diamond in the hopes of selling one of their own. Remember, you are responsible for the diamond when you take it to anyone to examine. Please do not let it out of your sight.

If you plan on using an independent appraiser, we recommend locating one now and checking their schedule. It sometimes takes several days before they have an open time for an appointment and you want to be ready as soon as your diamond arrives. To find an independent appraiser near you, check your local yellow pages for Appraisers-Jewelry or our directory of independent appraisers.

Inspection Period

Unless otherwise agreed to, the normal inspection period is two working days. For example, if we ship on Wednesday, you will receive the diamond Thursday morning. You will have until Monday afternoon to make your purchase decision. The inspection period is not meant to rush your decision making process but is based on the time most clients need to make their purchase decision. We also try to keep our diamond cutters happy. Since we are selecting the very best diamond values on the wholesale market, the diamonds we order are often in high demand. By providing a quick response to our wholesale suppliers and paying quickly, we are usually given top priority and lowest price for any diamond we order from them.

You will know days in advance when the diamond is going to be delivered so with advance planning, this should be ample time for you to inspect the diamond and take it to an independent appraiser if you desire. If your circumstances require more time, just let us know and we make every effort to accommodate your needs. We have never had a diamond returned because they did not have enough time to examine it.

Since we have examined the diamond prior to shipping to ensure its beauty and quality, we find you’ll probably only need a quick glance to realize this is the diamond for you.