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Round Ring 0.57 Richard Landi-1

This beautiful round brilliant diamond ring has a 0.57 carat round brilliant diamond set in a custom platinum Richard Landi engagement ring mounting. The diamond ring features ten pave round diamonds with 0.24 total carat weight. The diamond ring has an exquisite filigree design and the bottom of the shank is hand carved.

Round Ring 0.57 Richard Landi-2

The round brilliant diamond measures 5.46 x 5.40 x 3.25 mm. This round brilliant cut diamond has a 59.9% depth percentage and a 57% table percentage. We recommend round diamonds with a depth of 59-62.5% and table of 53-59%. Symmetry is probably more important with round diamonds than with fancy shapes so we suggest at least Very Good for symmetry and prefer at least Good rating for polish.

The round brilliant diamond is the most popular diamond shape because it is the most brilliant diamond cut and has great versatility in a wide variety of jewelry. The brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond produces exceptional beauty. You may have heard of a term called “Ideal Cut”. This term refers to the attempt to cut a round diamond into the best proportions possible to achieve the maximum brilliance. Today’s modern round brilliant diamond is precisely cut to maximize the diamond’s brilliance, fire and size. The round brilliant shape is generally the most expensive diamond cut for several reasons. Cutting the round shape from the rough (unpolished) diamond crystal typically results in more diamond carat-weight loss than other shapes. It also takes more skill and time to properly cut and polish a round diamond than most other classical diamond shapes. Finally, the round is the most popular shape so the law of supply and demand increases the price of round brilliant diamonds.

For detailed information on what constitutes great cut in a round brilliant diamond check out the diamond cut discussion in our diamond education section.

The custom Richard Landi diamond ring showcases the stunning round brilliant diamond using pave diamonds and a platinum filigree mounting to create an old world appearance. Two accent diamonds on each side of the center diamond flow down the side of the finger, while six accent diamonds are surrounded by platinum and a slight “cut out” appearance around the platinum. This exquisite antique style ring looks as if it could have been handed down from generation to generation. The exceptional round brilliant cut diamond brilliantly adds to the ambiance of this diamond ring. This diamond ring is perfect for the woman who wants a dazzling sparkle of a round brilliant diamond with a one of a kind antique mounting. This custom antique diamond ring exudes world-class craftsmanship.

If you are searching for a beautiful round brilliant diamond and a custom antique engagement or anniversary ring, just tell us what type of diamond you are looking for and your target budget. We are happy to search for your diamond using our excellent cut parameters. Then we can have the custom antique diamond setting made so you will have one of the most stunning diamond rings you have every seen.