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Princess Cut Diamond Ring: 1.52 carat with 0.39 tcw Trillion Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond Ring: 1.52 carat with 0.39 tcw Trillion Cut Diamonds

This beautiful princess cut diamond ring with trillion cut diamond side stones has a 1.52 carat square modified brilliant cut diamond in the center with 0.39 total carat weight of matched brilliant triangular (trillion cut) diamonds.

The princess cut diamond measures 6.47 x 6.33 x 4.57 mm so it has a length-to-width ratio of 1.02, which appears square to the eye. The GIA considers shapes square when the length-to-width ratio is 1.05 or less. The princess cut diamond has a 72.2% depth percentage and a 72% table percentage. For princess-cut diamonds, we recommend a depth of 58-76% and table of 58-77% with smaller percentages generally producing bigger size for the carat weight and better cut.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring: 1.52 carat with 0.39 tcw Trillion Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond Ring: 1.52 carat with 0.39 tcw Trillion Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond shape but is one of the most difficult shapes to set. The corners of the princess diamond come to points and are relatively fragile. The prongs have to be carefully formed to hug the sides of the corners and are gently shaped over the top of the corners to secure the princess diamond in the platinum mounting.

The trillion diamonds measure 4.74 x 4.28 x 1.85 mm. The first number is the millimeter base of the diamond, the second number is the height of the diamond and the third number is the depth of the diamond. The base of the trillion-cut side diamond needs to be a little shorter than the length of the adjacent center stone to allow the prongs holding the base corners of the trillion-cut diamond to fit inside the prongs holding the corners of the princess cut diamond. One or more of the trillion corners is usually set with a V-shaped prong to provide stability and protection for the pointed corner of this triangular shape without overwhelming the appearance with too much metal. This is a sign of beautiful craftsmanship.

The diamonds are set in a custom platinum mounting designed for these specific diamonds and the client’s finger size. The best three stone diamond rings are custom made so that the side diamonds fit snugly next to the center diamond and appear as non-stop diamonds across the finger when viewed from the top. The four-prong basket style head holding the center stone provides a durable and secure base for the diamond.

The combination of princess-cut and trillion-cut diamonds is particularly attractive to those who like straight edges and points. Both diamond shapes are brilliant-cut so they have great brilliance and sparkle if properly cut.

Many clients are given misinformation about the appropriate carat weight of side stones needed for a three stone ring. Often times they are told if they are purchasing a 1.0 carat center stone they need two 0.50 carat side stones to look appropriate. This line is often used by jewelers who are trying to make more money by selling heavier and deeper side stones. The length of the center stone is the determining factor when selecting side stones and the weight is almost irrelevant. As you can see by the photograph, the trillion-cut diamonds add tremendously to the appearance of the three stone ring with a nominal price due to the lower carat weight of the trillion cut diamonds.

We have seen many three stone mountings that fail to properly display and guard the princess cut and trillion diamonds. For example, a peg head mounting intended for a 1.0-carat princess cut diamond would look inappropriate with a 1.5 carat princess. It would set the 1.5-carat princess up too high while the trillion cut diamonds would be low around the band. Not only does this type of mounting look odd, but the center stone is at risk for damage because it is set up high. We also caution clients to properly match the center stone with the side stones. The diamonds in a pre-set semi-mount might not match the center stone you have in mind. You could be purchasing a beautiful G color center stone and putting it next to J colored side stones. Many poor quality trillion diamonds are set in semi-mounts in order to sell the diamonds. At the Diamond Source of Virginia, we carefully evaluate the entire layout to make sure the color and brilliance of the center stone matches the side stones.

If you would like a beautiful princess and trillion diamond engagement or anniversary ring, just tell us what type of diamonds and budget you want. We will be happy to search for your diamonds and find the best-matched diamonds for your ring. Then we can have the custom mounting made so you will have one of the most attractive three stone diamond rings you have every seen.