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Emerald Cut 4.30 ct 2.03 tcw StepTrap-1

This magnificent emerald-cut diamond ring with step-cut trapezoid diamond side-stones has a 4.30-carat emerald cut diamond in the center with 2.03 total carat weight of matched step-cut trapezoid diamonds.

Emerald Cut 4.30 ct 2.03 tcw StepTrap-2

Diamond ring with 4.30 carat emerald cut diamond graded J color, VS1 clarity, depth 64.4 %, table 65 %, Very Good polish, Very Good symmetry, Faint fluorescence, and measuring 11.02 x 8.14 x 5.24 mm (ref: GIA 15297848, dated 09/06/2006) set in a custom platinum [stamped PLAT] three stone mounting with a pair of matched step-cut trapezoid diamonds with 2.03 total carat weight set in basket style heads.

  • Trapezoid, 0.98 carat, graded I color, VS1 clarity, No fluorescence, and measuring 7.30 x 4.18 x 3.44 mm
  • Trapezoid, 1.05 carat, graded I color, VS1clarity, No fluorescence, and measuring 7.25 x 4.10 x 3.51 mm

The emerald cut is not a brilliant cut diamond, but it is step-cut which means it has a row of diamond facets. Step cut diamonds are comprised of larger facets which act like mirrors and resemble a staircase, hence the name step cut. The emerald shape diamond shows less brilliance and fire (dispersion) than other brilliant cut diamonds. However, the emerald cut diamond reveals a classic beauty and elegance not seen in other diamond cuts. The look of an emerald diamond is subtle and understated with less “flash,” or reflection and refraction than other brilliant cut diamonds. The emerald shape diamond can be one of the least expensive shapes to cut because its shape is most like the natural shape of the rough diamond crystal itself. We recommend at least VS2 clarity for emerald cut diamonds because the open and large facets allow inclusions to be more visible than a brilliant cut diamond.

The step cut trapezoid diamonds measure approximately 7.30 x 4.18 x 3.48 mm. The first number is the flat base of the trapezoid diamond that is set adjacent to the emerald diamond, the second number is the height of the diamond from the base to the outer edge and the third number is the depth of the diamond. The base of the trapezoid diamond needs to be a little shorter than the length of the adjacent center stone to allow the prongs holding the base corners of trapezoid diamond to fit inside the prongs holding the corners of the emerald cut diamond. There are four prongs protecting the step-cut trapezoid shaped diamonds without overwhelming the appearance with too much metal. This is a sign of excellent artisanship.

The diamonds are set in a custom platinum mounting created for these specific diamonds and the client’s finger size. The finest three stone diamond rings are custom made so that the side diamonds fit closely next to the center diamond and appear as non-stop diamonds across the finger when viewed from the top. The four-prong basket style head holding the center diamond provides a durable and secure base for the diamond.

Many diamond ring shoppers are finding the trapezoid cut diamonds makes a beautiful alternative to the trillion or baguette diamond shapes often seen in jewelry store rings. The bigger surface area of the trapezoid diamonds adds more sparkle on the finger than the baguette diamond. Many diamond ring buyers find the more sophisticated style of the trapezoid not only looks more refined than other diamond shapes but also makes for a more comfortable side stone than trillion diamonds. The short end of the trapezoid shape does not extend down between the fingers as many rings often do when using the trillion-shape diamond.

The combination of emerald cut diamond and step cut trapezoids diamonds is particularly attractive to those who love the elegant look the classic emerald shape diamond creates paired with sophisticated addition of a step cut trapezoid. This diamond shape combination is unique because step cut trapezoid diamonds are not as prevalent in the market place. This ring is sure to stand out in a crowd because of the distinctive step cut trapezoids set with the elegant platinum mounting

If you would like an outstanding emerald cut and step cut trapezoid diamond engagement or anniversary ring, just tell us what type of diamonds and budget you are seeking. We will be pleased to search for your diamonds and find the best-matched diamonds for your ring. Then we can have the custom mounting made so you will have one of the most gorgeous three stone diamond rings you have every seen.

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