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Cushion Cut Diamond Ring: 2.60 carat Fancy Intense Yellow with 1.16 ratio with 0.70 tcw Half Moon diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring: 2.60 carat Fancy Intense Yellow with 1.16 ratio with 0.70 tcw Half Moon diamonds

This beautiful cushion cut diamond ring with half moon shaped diamond side stones has a 2.60 carat cushion modified brilliant diamond with Fancy Intense Yellow color in the center with 0.70 total carat weight of matched brilliant half moon shaped diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring: 2.60 carat Fancy Intense Yellow with 1.16 ratio with 0.70 tcw Half Moon diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring: 2.60 carat Fancy Intense Yellow with 1.16 ratio with 0.70 tcw Half Moon diamonds

The cushion cut diamond measures 8.85 x 7.64 x 5.03 mm so it has a length-to-width ratio of 1.15. Cushion cut diamonds come in various shapes from those almost square (length to width ratio 1.05 or less) to very rectangular (ratio 1.30 or more) to everything in between. The classic pillow shape tends to have ratios in the 1.10 – 1.20 range. The cushion cut diamond has a 65.8% depth percentage and a 61% table percentage. For cushion-cut diamonds, we recommend a depth of 59-69% and table of 50-65% with smaller percentages generally producing bigger size for the carat weight and better cut.

The cushion cut diamond was one of the most popular cuts of diamonds ever. For more than 70 years from 1830 to the turn of the century this was simply how diamonds were cut. The cushion cut diamond is a generic name for the Old Mine Cut, developed before the turn of the century. The older cushion cut diamonds return light in blocky patterns while the newly cut stones return light in a needlelike pattern, usually with smaller culets. The sparkle and brilliance of the cushion shape has more to do with the skill of the cutter fashioning the facets than it does with the choice of one of three basic facet patterns. In the past ten years, there has been a large resurgence in the popularity of the cushion cut diamond shape. Interestingly, cushion shape diamonds are one of the most popular shapes for fancy colored diamonds because the shape displays the color evenly throughout the stone.

The half moon diamonds measure 6.05 x 3.45 x 2.45 mm. The first number is the flat base of the moon that is set adjacent to the cushion shape diamond, the second number is the height of the diamond from the base to the curved edge and the third number is the depth of the diamond. The base of the half moon diamond needs to be a little shorter than the length of the adjacent center stone to allow the prongs holding the base corners of the half moon diamond to fit inside the prongs holding the corners of the cushion cut diamond. As you can see there are four prongs that protect the half-moon shaped diamonds without overwhelming the appearance with too much metal. This is a sign of beautiful artisanship.

The diamonds are set in a custom platinum mounting designed for these specific diamonds and the client’s finger size. The best three stone diamond rings are custom made so that the side diamonds fit snugly next to the center diamond and appear as non-stop diamonds across the finger when viewed from the top. The four-prong basket style head holding the center stone provides a durable and secure base for the diamond. The basket is crafted from 18-karat yellow gold to enhance the color of the Fancy Intense Yellow canary diamond.

Many clients are given misinformation about the appropriate carat weight of side stones needed for a three stone diamond ring. Often times they are told if they are selecting a 1.0-carat center diamond, they need two 0.50-carat side diamonds to fit properly. Jewelers who are trying to make more money by selling heavier and deeper side stones often use this poor advice. The length of the center stone is the determining factor when selecting side stones and the weight is almost irrelevant. As you can see by the photograph, the half moons add tremendously to the appearance of the three stone diamond ring with a nominal price due to the lower carat weight of the half moons.

If you would like a beautiful cushion and half moon diamond engagement or anniversary ring, just tell us what type of diamonds and budget you want. We will be thrilled to search for your diamonds and find the best-matched diamonds for your ring. Then we can have the custom mounting made so you will have one of the most gorgeous three stone diamond rings you have every seen.

The combination of the cushion shape diamond and half moon shaped diamonds is particularly attractive to those who like the soft pillow shape of the cushion finished off with the slight curves of the half moons. This diamond shape combination is unique because half moons are not as prevalent in the market place. This ring is sure to stand out in a crowd because of the Fancy Intense Yellow color and the distinctive half moon shape. Both diamond shapes are brilliant-cut so they have great brilliance and sparkle if properly cut.

This cushion cut diamond ring was custom made for one of our clients but we would be happy to replicate this style of ring for you. Just tell us what type of cushion diamond you want (carat weight, ratio, color, and clarity) and we will do a diamond search of the wholesale diamond market and email you our recommendations for the best diamonds in the country that meet your requirements. You also need to tell us what type of metal (gold or platinum) you want so we can get you a price quote for the mounting. Depending on the style, mounting production time is 2 to 4 weeks.

You can contact us by phone at our toll free number (888) 477-8385, by leaving a message at the Questions box to the right of every page, or by filling out the request form at the Diamond Search box to the right of every page.